Portrait progress after Easter

Submitted by Sam on 9 April, 2012 - 21:11

I have spent another 25 hours on my pencil portrait, and still haven't rendered a single part of it to a finalized state. I'm happy with where it is going, but progress is slow. A1 really is big, and even 45 hours of work gets stretched thin!

Pencil portrait progress: Jess in Apron - 45 hours

Below is the detail of the apron. Whilst it looks patchy here, it comes together nicely when viewed at a distance. I intend to shade everything as carefully and as accurately as I did in my Bargue plates, which will ensure the finished picture looks good even when viewed up close.

Detail - Pencil portrait progress: Jess in Apron - 45 hours: A1 pencil portrait after around 45 hours of work. No part is 100% done yet, I still feel like I'm just sketching in the base layer!

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