Summary after nearly 70 hours

Submitted by Sam on 22 January, 2012 - 02:04

It's the fourth weekend into my drawing challenge, and I have done about seventy hours of Bargue plate copies. I'm beginning to be more patient with each drawing, and I definitely spend much longer than I used to on the initial sketches.

I'm currently experimenting with different ways to replace the sight-size technique that the Bargue course recommends, largely because I haven't yet enlarged and re-printed the plates to copy them at the size I want to work with, and because I don't have a big enough easel to take both my sketchbook and the print side by side.

Currently I crudely measure relations using a bit of card (i.e. this bit of the forearm is 1/2 the size of that bit, and so on) and translate and enlarge the measured points to my drawing. 

My favourite drawings so far are all arms, and have all been done in the last week or so.

Plate I, 23 - Man's arm, bent: A timelapse video of this drawing is on youtube: 

Plate I, 19 - Flexed forearm of a man, interior view

Plate I, 22 - Woman's arm bent: Woman's arm bent [while holding a piece of drapery to her shoulder]

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